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Ice Machine Publications

Ice Machine Load Shifting & Upsizing Savings Report
This Emerging Technologies (ET) report evaluates the energy efficiency benefit and load-shifting potential of ice machines in four foodservice facilities. Low efficiency machines were replaced with energy efficient models while load shifting ice machine operation exclusively to non-peak utility periods.

Commercial Ice Machines: The Potential for Energy Efficiency and Demand Response
This ACEEE paper evaluates the potential for non-peak (load shifted) operation or demand response control of existing ice machines, and the ability for increasing ice machine efficiency through equipment retrofit where load-shifting or demand-response is not feasible.

Ice Machine Field Study
This study characterizes the water and energy use of eight ice machines and quantifies the energy saving potential for reductions in regional water distribution and wastewater treatment.

Ice Machine Upgrade and Load Shifting Field Study
This study replaced an older, standard-efficiency machine with a energy-efficient model. The ice machine was then operated with complete non-peak, load shifted operation.

Demand Response Strategies Using Two-Way Connectivity for Commercial Ice Machines
This project by Southern California Edison evaluated control strategies and technologies that would allow commercial customers to participate in demand response programs by shedding load from ice machines.