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Industry Studies

Advanced Energy Design Guide For Grocery Stores
Mar 2015 - an energy efficient grocery store design adds value, reduces expenses and enhances the customer shopping experience. This publication from leading industry associations provides an integrated approach to achieve such energy efficiency design.

DOE - PNNL Report: 50% Energy Savings for Quick-Service Restaurants
Sep 2010 - This report details a package of energy-efficiency measures that cut energy use in fast-food restaurants by 40% - 50% compared to a baseline standard in less than five years.

Energy Efficiency Potential of Gas-Fired Commercial Water Heating Equipment in Foodservice Facilities
Oct 2010 - The FSTC performed a technology evaluation of gas-fired water heaters for the California Energy Commission’s Public Interest Energy Research Program. This project conducted research to improve the efficiency of water heaters and distribution systems in foodservice facilities.

Characterizing the Energy Efficiency Potential of Gas‐Fired Commercial Foodservice Equipment
Oct 2014 - The report identifies specific requirements for developing incentives, supporting regulatory programs, potential RD&D improvements in appliance energy efficiency and performance and act as a catalyst for product development.

Water Heater Retro-Commissioning Report
Sep 2008 - Best-practice installation measures applied to existing water heating systems.

Demand Ventilation in Commercial Kitchens - Emerging Technologies Case Studies
These emerging technologies studies evaluate demand ventilation in a San Francisco hotel and a Northern California supermarket.

PIER Research Report
Makeup Air Effects on Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Performance
Dec 2002 - The objective of this research project was to improve the performance and energy efficiency of commercial kitchen ventilation (CKV) systems by performing flow-visualization research and publishing design guidelines for the food service community. The report is hosted on the PIER website.

PIER Research Report
Advanced Foodservice Appliances for California Restaurants
Jul 2013 - The purpose of this project was to develop new products and technologies to support energy-efficiency gains in the commercial foodservice marketplace. The scope covered six commercial foodservice products: conveyor ovens, convection ovens, ranges, foodservice woks, under-fired broilers, and over-fired broilers. Improvements to commercial water heating field performance were also investigated.