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Energy Efficiency Case Studies

DoubleTree DoubleTree
Restaurant Case Study

The upscale DoubleTree Hotel in Pleasanton, CA followed up a site assessment by the FSTC's energy efficiency experts by replacing three steamers with two energy-efficient steamers and an energy-efficient combination oven.
Moffitt Moffitt Cafe
Restaurant Case Study

The Moffitt Cafe in San Francisco, CA replaced two convection ovens with energy-efficient ENERGY STAR® models.
Angelous Angelou's Mexican Grill
Restaurant Case Study

Thanks to PG&E's Step Up and Power Down program and California Energy Wise equipment rebates, Angelou's purchased efficient refrigeration equipment and incorporated energy saving best practices.
Danville Brewing Danville Brewing Company
Restaurant Case Study

Danville Brewing Company took advantage of the FSTC's 'Try Before You Buy' program and test drove a new ENERGY STAR fryer that delivers high quality fried foods for their menu.
Main Squeeze Main Squeeze
Restaurant Case Study

Main Squeeze in Oakland leveraged the FSTC's expertise in efficient lighting and upgraded to money-saving LED lamps that will pay for themselves in less than 3 1/2 months.
Sideboard Sideboard
Restaurant Case Study

Capitalizing on the energy efficiency successes of their Danville location, Sideboard called upon the FSTC when it was time to open a second location in Lafayette.
Bridges Bridges Restaurant & Bar
Audit & Action Demonstration Project

Bridges underwent a thorough energy audit by the FSTC energy experts, then received an energy-efficiency makeover worthy of its Hollywood gastronomic stardom.
Comal Restaurant Comal Restaurant
Design Support Showcase

Comal is a shining example of what can be accomplished when a passion for sustainability, energy efficiency, long-term profitability and engineering knowhow collide.
KC's Sports Bar KC's Sports Bar
Engineering Case Study

KC's was remodeled from the ground up, and with help from the FSTC, implemented a variety of strategies to maximize energy efficiency.
SideBoard Sideboard
Energy Sucess Story

Sideboard is a Green Certified Restaurant featuring a menu that includes local, organic and sustainable ingredients.
Tadich Grill Tadich Grill
Energy Sucess Story

Tadich Grill, established in 1849, is the oldest restaurant in San Francisco, and a role model for sustainability in the foodservice and hospitality industry.
Vic's Vic's All Star Kitchen
Audit & Action Demonstration Project

Vic’s All Star Kitchen has the winning formula for reducing utility costs, drastically increasing production and offering greater flexibility to handle the appetites of the local community.
Yalla Yalla Mediterranean
Restaurant Case Study

Yalla replaced a massive underfired conveyor broiler with a high-efficiency enclosed conveyor broiler to realize substantial energy savings and increased kitchen comfort.
Be Energy Wise

Watch PG&E's CURRENTS video featuring the FSTC's work with Tadich Grill