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Dishwasher Donated to Tri-City Free Breakfast Program

Tri City Free Breakfast Program In 2010 Sr. Energy Analyst Todd Bell (Senior Energy Analyst) at The Food Service Technology Center (FSTC) performed a free kitchen energy audit at the Irvington Presbyterian Church in Fremont, California.

The Irvington Presbyterian Church operates the Tri-City Free Breakfast Program and their mission is "to serve the needy in our community with hot nutritious breakfast, with a friendly smile and a helping hand."

Bell walked through the kitchen with foodservice consultant Ron Fong making no-cost/low-cost energy efficiency recommendations: such as shutting of coffee machines when not in use, fixing leaky faucets, turning off anti-sweat door heaters on refrigerators and freezers and replacing T12 fluorescent fixtures with energy efficient T8 fixtures.

When the church’s dishwasher stopped working, Kitchen Manager, Jeane Garrett connected with Bell and requested recommendations for an energy efficient replacement dishwasher. Garrett’s timing turned out to be perfect as testing had just wrapped up on an ENERGY STAR® qualified Champion door-type dishwasher and the FSTC was able to arrange for the machine to be donated to the Tri-City Free Breakfast Program. Allen Hasken (Director of Engineering/Product Development) for Champion graciously agreed to the donation of the dishwasher, stating that Champion was happy to support such a great cause.

With the new ENERGY STAR qualified dishwasher the Tri-City Free Breakfast Program is able to keep the kitchen going, serving between 150-200 guests every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning while saving water and energy in the process.

At the Food Service Technology Center our mission is to "Bring energy efficiency from our kitchen to yours".