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The FSTC is a Certified Green Business

Bay Area Green Business Program
The FSTC is a Certified Green Business
The Food Service Technology Center has been working hand in hand with the Bay Area Green Business Program for years to help restaurants become greener. The FSTC is also certified as a Bay Area Green Business.

What does it mean to be a Green Business?
The Green Business Program is a partnership of local government and environmental agencies working together to help businesses operate in a more sustainable way. The program is voluntary and intended for small to medium-sized businesses.

The first restaurant-specific green business checklist was developed by the city of Santa Monica Green Business Program with help from the FSTC, and that checklist has become the model that countless other cities have followed. Ongoing research at the FSTC has allowed the checklist to evolve as new technologies become available. In addition to helping develop Green Business standards, we also follow these same standards in our lab and offices.

Kong the Certifier What steps does the FSTC take as a Green Business?
In addition to employing energy and water best practices, we follow an ambitious food storage consolidation plan to minimize refrigeration loads, saving up to 15kWh per day. The FSTC uses a 0.7 gallon/rack dishwasher and a 0.65 gallon/minute pre-rinse spray valve to reduce water consumption. Our recycling program not only includes plastic bags, bottles, cans and paper products, but also items such as CFL’s, batteries, and electronic equipment. We use recycled paper, print double-sided and turn off printers and copiers when not in use.

The Green Business Program is sensitive to the use of chemicals, and all of our cleaning products are listed on or have equivalent specifications to the San Francisco approved green cleaning product list. These products have the lowest VOC’s and do not have MSDS hazard ratings higher than 1.

The FSTC has taken the pledge of the Green Business Program to:
1) Comply with all applicable regulations and strive to exceed compliance
2) Conserve energy, water and other natural resources
3) Develop and implement practices that prevent pollution and waste
4) To be an environmentally responsible business within the community

Being a purveyor of water and energy efficiency information for the foodservice industry, the FSTC is proud to not only fulfill, but exceed the minimum requirements to participate as a Green Business Program member.