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Maximize Your Operation's Energy Efficiency and Take Advantage of Rebates!

If you are a Pacific Gas & Electric Company utility customer designing a new restaurant or remodeling an existing one, contact the energy efficiency experts at the PG&E Food Service Technology Center (FSTC). The Center's Energy Analysts and Engineers will help you specify energy efficient cooking appliances and refrigeration equipment as well as identify PG&E rebates to help offset the cost of investing in energy saving technologies. This service is free to PG&E customers and ensures that you will maximize profits by minimizing utility costs.

check Appliance/Equipment Specification
Conducted through telephone or electronic correspondence, our Energy Analysts and/or Engineers review and analyze your appliance/equipment specifications and determine if a more energy-efficient alternative is warranted. If so, a detailed lifecycle cost analysis is performed to document the estimated energy and/or water savings associated with the recommendations. This review and analysis can apply to an entire appliance/equipment schedule or a single appliance or piece of equipment.

check Facility Design Review and Analysis
A facility design review applies most commonly to new construction projects. Energy using systems beyond the kitchen appliances and equipment are analyzed- typically lighting, exhaust ventilation and water heating systems. A report is generated to document the recommendations and energy savings potential as a result of implementing the recommendations.

check Identify Utility Rebates and Incentives
Our team can help you identify all incentives offered by your utility to help offset the costs associated with investing in energy-efficient appliances and technologies. Make sure you are not leaving any money on the table by having us guide you through the process with our free assistance.

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What Others Say...

"Through PG&E, I have three to four people, who are not on my payroll, totally devoted to helping me save energy."
- Mike Buich, Tadich Grill

"I highly recommend (FSTC) to everyone I know who wants to open a restaurant, I tell them it is a great resource."
- Andrew Hoffman, Comal