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Workforce Education & Training

The FSTC is committed to spreading the word about energy-efficiency. In addition to our own seminars, we speak at numerous industry events around the country.

The FSTC hosts FREE seminars for California utility customers. These are approximately 3 hours in length, and cover such topics as energy-saving practices, saving water, specifying efficient equipment, commercial kitchen ventilation, greening your restaurant and more. Sign up for a free seminar today! » Go to Seminar page

The FSTC energy experts enjoy making speaking appearances whenever the subject of energy-efficiency is appropriate. This means nearly all types of industry events- from trade shows and industry group meetings to regulatory commissions and restaurant organizations. » See speaking calendar

The FSTC energy experts can travel to your location and train your personnel! This in-depth training teaches the procedure for conducting site-surveys and the process of specifying energy-efficient appliances and equipment. If time permits, an actual site survey may be conducted at a restaurant to better re-enforce knowledge learned during the seminar.

Don Fisher hosting a CKV seminar at the FSTC in San Ramon, CA. Seminars are free of charge!