Knowledge is Power: Kiana’s Gift

Richard Young, Senior Engineer and Director of Education

bio pic 020208b smallerLast week, the FSTC said goodbye to our gifted intern and social media specialist, Kiana Caban as she headed back to college for her senior year. Kiana will still help us with our Facebook and Linkdin pages throughout the year but, her real focus now will be graduating with top marks and a winning basketball season.

Before she left, Kiana finished one final project that just might be the most useful resource she could have created for the foodservice energy-efficiency community. Working with our webmaster, Greg Sorensen, she put together a master ENERGY STAR web page that organizes all the ENERGY STAR resources and knowledge base into one location. Here is the link so you can check it out for yourself:

You can also access this page by going to the FSTC homepage, clicking on the “Save Energy” menu at the top of the page and choosing “ENERGY STAR”.

The beauty of Kiana’s ENERGY STAR page is speed. She is a wicked good basketball player and when she is on the court, all she is thinking about is the shortest distance to the basket and quickly scoring another goal. Speed keeps you ahead of the competition. Kiana applied that same strategy to her resource page. If you need to find a piece of efficient equipment; or want to benchmark your energy use; or want to see if your efficient appliance qualifies for a rebate, the shortest distance to your goal is to use Kiana’s ENERGY STAR page. Got a story to share about efficiency in your own operation? Check out the “Share Your Story” link at the bottom of Kiana’s ENERGY STAR page.

Kiana Caban our gifted intern and social media specialist

Kiana Caban our gifted intern and social media specialist

There is no longer any reason to say that you cannot find an ENERGY STAR appliance or didn’t know that your ENERGY STAR equipment qualified for a utility incentive. Kiana has given you knowledge and knowledge is power – specifically, the power to lower your utility bills and save money.

One other project that Kiana worked on in her last few weeks was getting the FSTC more Facebook likes. Facebook is a quick and easy way for us to communicate the FSTC news, such as new reports, blog posts, seminars, etc., to our friends in the industry. One way that you could pay her back for creating the very useful ENERGY STAR page is to keep those likes coming. In fact, I have a very nice, state of the art LED lamp that I am going to send to one randomly chosen person out of the next 100 likes. So, don’t hesitate – here’s the link:

Finally, if you really want to do something nice for Kiana, you can root for her as she pushes the Oregon Tech women’s basketball team to victory this year. Thanks Kiana. Go Owls!