And, The Winner Is…

By Kiana Caban, Communications Assistant

Kiana CabanHave you ever won a contest? Here at the FSTC, we wanted to encourage our friends to “like” us on Facebook so, we held a contest. All the “likes” between 200 and 300 were entered into a drawing. And the winner is…? Well, I’ll get to that but first, a little background:

If you remember reading the blog “Knowledge is Power: Kiana’s Gift”, our Director of Education, Richard Young, talked about the many projects Kiana (that’s me!) worked on while interning which included updating the ENERGY STAR page on One of my last projects was to increase our Facebook outreach. We want more Facebook “likes” so that we can let you know all the cool ways that we are helping food service professionals.

In the article Richard writes, “One way that you could pay her [me!] back for creating the very useful ENERGY STAR page is to keep those likes coming. In fact, I have a very nice, state of the art LED lamp that I am going to send to one randomly chosen person out of the next 100 likes.”

Jesse SelbertWell, the FSTC reached 100 more “likes” late in 2014 and…drum roll please…the lucky winner was Jesse Selbert at Western Pacific Distribution. Being a generous bunch, we didn’t just hand out one lamp; Jesse won the LED lamp, a Sideboard gift card, an FSTC water bottle, and some other goodies.

Selbert told us, “I installed the LED lamps as soon as I got home and look forward to a great meal at Sideboard.”

I would like to thank those of you who took the time to “like” our page and have continued to “like”, “post” and leave comments. We really appreciate all the support and interaction.

The first drawing was so much fun that we decided to do it again. Right now we are at 325 “likes” but we want to reach a new milestone of 500 so, the next 175 “likes” will be entered into a fresh drawing. If you haven’t visited our Facebook page, please go check it out and hit the “like” button. Perhaps you will be our next winner!

To get your name in the drawing, click: and give us the “thumbs up”.