The primary goal of this project is to demonstrate and characterize the energy savings potential, cost effectiveness and cooking performance of high-efficiency equipment as compared to baseline equipment at five different Commercial Food Service (CFS) sites.

Frontier Energy, Inc., is working in conjunction with PG&E, SoCalGas and SDG&E to perform the technical study for the California Energy Commission's (CEC) Natural Gas Research and Development Program.
Project Information
Demonstration of High-Efficiency Commercial Cooking Equipment and Kitchen Ventilation System
Final Project Report, California Energy Commission, March 2021
Energy Reduction in Commerical Kitchens
SFIS Master’s Thesis, Denis Livchak, February 2017
Case Studies
Case Study:
Case Study:
Case Study:
Moffitt Café -
Werewolf Bar & Grill and Ventilation Energy Savings
Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine, May 2017
Energy Reduction Kitchen Plan Saves Double Tree Money
Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine, October 2016
Cookline Project Update: Gate Gourmet
Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine, April 2016
Werewolf Cookline Project: An Update
Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine, September 2015
Case Study: Researching the Kitchen of the Future
Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine, August 2015
Participating Sites:
DoubleTree Pleasanton
Gate Gourmet
Moffitt Café - UCSF
Versailles Cuban
Werewolf American Bar & Grill
Technical Advisory Committee:
Andre Saldivar
SoCal Edison
Charlie Souhrada
Jeffrey Clark
Kate Zeng
Mark Stech-Novak
Restaurant Consultation & Design
Raveena Wisham
Steve Walmsley
Cookline Project Members:

David Zabrowski
Frontier Energy
Project Manager
Denis Livchak
Frontier Energy
Principal Investigator
Mark Finck
Frontier Energy
Equipment Replacement & Training
Edward Ruan
Frontier Energy
Data Collection & Analysis
Monica Molana
Frontier Energy
Project Administrator
Janel Rupp
Frontier Energy
Tech Transfer
Don Fisher
Fisher Consultants, LLC
Judy Nickel
Fisher Consultants, LLC
Frank Johnson
Merry Sweeney
Karl Johnson
California Institute for
Energy and Environment