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A Taste of Culture

Savory, crispy, hot, crunchy, flavorful, delicious; these are words we use when describing the many tasty cultural foods.

Did you know that many authentic cultural cuisines can be prepared on energy-efficient gas equipment without losing the authentic appeal? What better way to maximize productivity, quality, and consistency than using a rebate-qualified griddle and/or fryer. See for yourself in this interactive seminar how cost-saving griddles and fryers can turn your cultural menu into a profitable business.

Attendees will discover:

  • How to reduce your facilities energy consumption by utilizing energy efficient griddles and fryers.
  • Equipment changes and operational improvements which can provide energy savings.
  • Why energy-efficient gas equipment out performs standard models and recognize rebate-qualified equipment categories.


Speaker: TBD

Thursday, November 16, 2017
09:00 AM - 12:00 PM

This is a free seminar!

Location:   Map    Weather  
Southern California Gas Company (FSEC)
9240 Firestone Blvd.
Downey, CA 90241

Website: https://seminars.socalgas.com

Event Contact Info
Will Morris
Email: Website: Click to Visit