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Rack Conveyor Dishmachine Design:
Avoiding Common Mistakes

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Rack Conveyor Dishmachine Design: Avoiding Common Mistakes
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Wednesday September 21, 2016
10:00 am - 11:00 am PST

Webinar Presented by:
Amin Delagah, FSTC & Connie Dickson, FCSI

FCSI members
receive 1 CEU

Join FCSI and fishnick for an engaging conversation between designer and researcher about what can go sideways in real-world dishmachine operations and how to avoid the most common mistakes.

Amin Delagah, the lead dishmachine researcher at the PG&E Food Service Technology Center, will share some of the surprising results he has uncovered during his field research. Connie Dickson, FCSI, will pose a hypothetical dishroom project and together Amin and the designer will talk through the details and arrive at an efficient, cost effective, customer-pleasing design.

  • Learn how you can save your customer big dollars on water and energy by installing a dedicated water meter
  • Find out why it makes sense to spec equipment with advanced built-in diagnostics
  • Learn the energy-saving benefits of designing dishrooms with long entry and exit dishtables that support batch washing of racks
  • Learn how to effectively specify right-sized dishmachines based on the types of wares being washed and why overspray wastes big dollars
  • Find out why pre-rinse operations cost more than you think and why a best-in-class dishmachine can actually have the lowest lifecycle operating cost

The FSTC is proud to
partner with the CRA

Connie Dickson
Connie Dickson, FCSI Connie Dickson is a foodservice design principal with Rippe Associates consulting group. She enjoys helping clients envision new possibilities and developing designs that reflect the project’s goals. Connie holds degrees from Cornell University in Nutritional Science and from Kendall College in Culinary Arts and is affiliated with FCSI, AHF and SHFM. She began her career as a registered dietitian and managed Sodexo foodservice operations for 14 years prior to joining Rippe Associates in 2006. Connie’s primary area of expertise is in healthcare, senior living and corporate markets.

Amin Delagah
Amin Delagah holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and M.S. in Renewable Energy Engineering with a minor in Environmental Management. He currently focuses most of his efforts on hot water systems research and technical outreach. Highlights of his research include the completion of a California Energy Commission Public Interest Energy Research Report titled, “Energy Efficiency Potential of Gas-Fired Commercial Water Heating Equipment in Foodservice Facilities” and a Design Guide on “Energy Efficient Heating, Delivery and Use”. Amin maintains a close working relationship with many water heater manufacturers and water heating experts and has been a leading advocate for the development and promotion of condensing commercial water heaters. » more about Amin

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