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The FSTC presents Fast, Small, Flexible! 08/16/2016
David and Mark are presenting at the lab today.

Sign Up For Fast, Small, Flexible! 08/13/2016
Learn how to maximize your kitchen space on 8/16!

Southern California Gas Training 08/11/2016
A representative from SoCal Gas is at the FSTC today for lab training.

Welcome UC Davis/NUAS Nutrition Students! 08/10/2016
The FSTC is presenting to UCD's Japanese exchange students today.

Keep Tabs on the FSTC... 08/08/2016
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What's All The Twitter About? 08/06/2016
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Henny Penny visits the lab today! 08/04/2016
Henny Penny is witnessing testing of their new fryer.

PG&E Blood Drive Today! 08/03/2016
The blood drive will benefit the Blood Centers of the Pacific.

Stay Informed... 08/01/2016
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Keep Tabs on the FSTC... 07/30/2016
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What's all the Twitter about? 07/29/2016
Fishnick is now tweeting! Follow us @FishnickFSTC

FSTC presents at Merced Enviromental Health! 07/27/2016
Amin and Rich are training Merced Enviromental Health employees today!

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