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Scope and Application of ASTM 1704, Standard Test Method for Capture and Containment Performance of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Ventilation Systems
The capture and containment exhaust air flow rates reported for the 10-foot wall canopy exhaust hoods that have been tested in accordance with ASTM 1704 were determined under controlled laboratory conditions. The repeatability/accuracy of the reported values are considered to be ± 5% (e.g., ± 100 cfm at 2000 cfm).

The laboratory test setup was not intended to replicate a real-world installation of a given hood where greater exhaust airflows may be required for the capture and containment of the cooking effluent. The data in these reports should not be used as the basis for design exhaust rates and specifications. Design exhaust rates must recognize UL710 safety listings, utilize the knowledge and experience of the designer with respect to the actual cooking operation, and compensate for the dynamics of a real-world kitchen.

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