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Kitchen Ventilation Publications

Kitchen Hood Performance Reports
These reports document the performance of kitchen exhaust hoods under the controlled conditions of ASTM Standard Test Method F-1704.

ASHRAE Research Project 1480 Report
Island Hood Energy Consumption and Energy Consumption Strategies
The objective of this research project was to expand the exhaust ventilation rate database for the capture and containment of standardized cook lines under four island canopy hood configurations.
Download (.pdf, 12.7 MB)

ASHRAE Supplemental Report
Effects of Range Top Diversity, Range Accessories,
and Hood Dimensions on Commercial Kitchen Hood Performance

The objective of the research project was to quantify the impact that appliance position and/or the mix of appliances underneath an exhaust hood on the minimum exhaust airflow required for capture and containment.
Download (.pdf, 1.6 MB)

FCSI White Paper
Commercial Kitchen Ventilation "Best Practice" Design & Specification Guidelines
The goal of this white paper is to explain the parameters that impact CKV system performance and provide a strategic plan and specification template that will help the foodservice consultant realize project success. Download (.pdf, 430 KB)

Grease Filter Efficiency Test Method
Development of a Standard Method of Test for Commercial Kitchen Effluent Grease Removal Systems
The University of Minnesota report detailing the development of the test method is completed and available for download. The appendices of the report are available in a separate file below. There is also an accompanying presentation for the project.

Draft Final Report [download] (.pdf, 640 KB)
Report Appendices [download] (.pdf, 6.4 MB)
Presentation [download] (.pdf, 2.5 MB)

PIER Research Report
Makeup Air Effects on Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Performance
The objective of this research project was to improve the performance and energy efficiency of commercial kitchen ventilation (CKV) systems by performing flow-visualization research and publishing design guidelines for the food service community. The report is hosted on the PIER website.

ASHRAE Journal Articles

Capture and Containment: Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Exhaust Hoods - download (.pdf, 700 KB)
Author: Donald Fisher, P.E., Rich Swierczyna and Angelo Karas
Published: ASHRAE Journal, November 2015

90.1 and Designing High Performance Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems - download (.pdf, 1.91 MB)
Author: Donald Fisher, P.E. and Rich Swierczyna
Published: ASHRAE Journal, November 2014

Future of DCV for Commercial Kitchens - download (.pdf, 340 KB)
Author: Donald Fisher, P.E., Rich Swierczyna and Angelo Karas
Published: ASHRAE Journal, February 2013

Predicting Energy Consumption [of Kitchen Ventilation Systems] - download (.pdf, 1.6 MB)
Author: Donald Fisher, P.E.
Published: ASHRAE Journal, June 2003

The Effect of Makeup Air on Kitchen Hoods - download (.pdf, 1.3 MB)
Author: Richard T. Swierczyna and Pual A. Sobiski
Published: ASHRAE Journal, June 2003

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