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The FSTC is proud to have assisted the E.P.A. in making contacts within the foodservice industry to help make the commercial foodservice equipment segment of the ENERGY STAR program possible. The FSTC continues to support ENERGY STAR by providing technical assistance for specification development.

As an EPA-recognized testing lab, the FSTC is qualified to test foodservice equipment that is eligible for the ENERGY STAR program.

The FSTC also conducts appliance testing for the California Energy Wise Rebate Program. The Energy Wise program offers rebates on energy efficient commercial foodservice equipment through California's investor-owned utilities.

Utilizing energy efficient equipment can save thousands of dollars a year in energy and water costs. Check out our lifecycle cost calculators to see the potential savings.

In addition to certification testing, the FSTC can also perform manufacturer-specific appliance testing, including assistance in product developement, dealing with specific ventilation stiuations and more.

A major driver of appliance testing at the FSTC is the development of American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard Test Methods for commercial foodservice appliances. Over the past 25 plus years, the FSTC has developed and assisted in maintaining over 35 test methods for the foodservice industry.

For information on the FSTC appliance testing program and ENERGY STAR, please contact us.