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Water Leaks

 Fix all Water Leaks!!

leaky faucet Leaks Cost You Money 3 Times!

1) Water Cost
2) Sewer Cost
3) Water Heating Cost

A small leak* can waste up to
100,000 gallons of water a year!

Fixing this one small leak will
save $700 per year**

If it's hot water,
save another $700 per year***

If you are fixing a larger leak, you can save much more!
...and the fix is usually as simple as a washer.

To find out how much your water leak is costing, try the water cost calculator.

*Small leak = 0.2 gallons per minute
**Based on water charge of $2.00 and sewer charge of $3.00 per 748 gallons (100 cubic feet).
***Assuming a gas water heater and an energy rate of $0.80 per therm.