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PG&E Rebates for Foodservice
Appliances and General Improvement Rebates
· Electric Heat Pump Water Heater
· Natural Gas Storage Water Heater
· High-Efficiency Clothes Washer
· High-Efficiency Refrigerator

· Appliances and General Improvement Rebate Catalog
Boilers and Water Heating Rebates
· Process Boilers
· Direct Contact Water Heaters
· Large Domestic Hot Water Boilers
· Natural Gas Storage Water Heaters
· Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters
· Ozone Laundry System
· Space Heating Boilers
· Commercial Pool and Spa Heaters
· Steam Traps
· Pipe Insulation
· Tank Insulation

· Boilers and Water Heating Rebate Catalog
HVAC Rebates
· Central Natural Gas Furnaces
· Central Natural Gas Furnaces with Built-In Variable Speed Motor (VSM)
· Replacement Multiple-Speed Brushless Permanent Magnet Blower Motors
· Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) for HVAC Fans
· Advanced Digital Economizer Control System for Packaged HVAC Units
· Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) for Packaged HVAC Units
· Notched V-Belts Replacing Solid V-Belts
· Enhanced Ventilation Control for Packaged HVAC Units

· HVAC Rebate Catalog
Lighting Rebates
· LED High-Bay and Low-Bay Lighting
· LED Exterior Area Lighting
· Interior High-Bay Linear Fluorescent Fixtures
· High-Bay Compact Fluorescent Fixtures (CFL)
· Interior Induction Fixtures
· Exterior Induction Fixtures
· Low- or Reduced-Wattage T8 Systems (25 and 28 Watt)
· Screw-in Compact Fluorescent Lamps
· LED Accent, Surface, Pendant, Track and Recessed Downlight Fixtures

· Lighting Rebate Catalog
· PG&E Distributor LED Replacement Lamps Program Participating Distributors
Refrigeration Rebates
· Anti-Sweat Heater (ASH) Controls
· Auto-Closers for Walk-In Coolers or Freezer Doors
· Efficient Evaporator Fan Motors
· Evaporator Fan Controllers for Walk-In Coolers and Freezers
· Refrigeration Display Cases with Special Doors
· Night Covers for Open Vertical Horizontal Display Cases
· Special Doors with Low/No Anti-Sweat Heat on Low Temperature Display Cases
· High-Efficiency Refrigerators
· Vending Machine Controllers

· Refrigeration Rebate Catalog
Fryer Rebates

California's Decoupling Policy Explained
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Water Rebates

- Custom Water Rebates