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Dishwashing Machines

dishwashing machine Specify ENERGY STAR® dishwashing machines!

Dishwashing machines are one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in the kitchen to operate. Purchase ENERGY STAR models that use less water- one gallon or less of water per rack washed will save you significantly on water and electricity, as shown in the graphic below.

Consider a refrigerant heat recovery system if you have moderate to high hot water needs. Refrigerant heat recovery systems use waste heat from the walk-in refrigerators and freezers to preheat water that can be used in the kitchen.

Operating Tips for Dishwashing Machines:

check Full Racks - Make sure you only run full racks, which can save you hundreds of dollars annually.

check Turn Off - Turn dishwashing machines off at night. High-temp dishwashing machines often have internal tank heaters and could be wasting energy heating water you don’t need. Turn off booster heaters and dishwashing machine exhaust hoods as well.

check Rinse Pressure - if the pressure gauge is reporting pressure above 25 psi you could be using more water than necessary. Most dishwashing machines require 20 psi.

check Water Temperature - Check water temperature and use manufacturer’s guidelines for tank and rinse temp.

check Auto Mode - Make sure you operate conveyor dishwashing machines in auto mode, which saves electricity by running the conveyor motor only when needed.

check Maintenance - Add or maintain wash curtains- the plastic strips located on the ends of the conveyor dishwashing machine that are responsible for capturing the heat inside the machine.

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