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Ice Machines

ice machine Specify ENERGY STAR® ice machines!

Commercial ice machines that have earned the ENERGY STAR are more energy and water efficient than standard models, as shown in the table below.

Ice machine manufactures voluntarily list the water and energy-use numbers for their products with the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARE) at www.ari.org. This information can help aid in the purchase of the most efficient ice machine for your needs and can help save hundreds of dollars per year in water and electricity.

Operating Tips for Ice Machines:

check Timers - Cut down on daytime electricity demand by installing a timer and shifting ice production to nighttime off-peak hours.

check Go Big - Purchase a bigger ice machine. Bigger ice machines are typically more efficient than smaller ones, yet the price difference is usually not very large and you could get twice the ice capacity at half the energy cost per pound of ice.

check No Water-Cooled - Avoid water-cooled ice machines because of their high water cost, which make them significantly more expensive to operate. Water-cooled ice machines do not currently qualify for ENERGY STAR.

check Close the Lid - Keeping the lid closed will trap the cold air inside the unit and not allow it to infiltrate the air affecting the ambient temperature in the kitchen and adding more pressure to the ice machine therefore making it work harder to maintain the appropriate temperature inside the ice bin.

check Maintenance - Keeping the coils clean and maintain the ice machine will keep it operating efficiently.

ice machine comparison