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steamers Specify ENERGY STAR® Steamers!

Due to good heat transfer, steamers rank among the more energy-efficient kitchen appliances. However, boiler-based steamers drive up operating costa by consuming an average of 40 gallons of water per hour!

Connectionless steamers operate as a closed system- without a boiler and a drain- so they consume less water and less energy than a boiler type steamer.

If you absolutely require a boiler-based steamer for a cook-to-order, high production operation, look for one that uses less than 15 gph.

Operating Tips for Steamers:

check Close Doors - Close the door while the steamer is operating.

check Compartmentalize - Use only as many compartments as you need.

check Stand-By - Cut down on standby time. Eliminating an hour of standby time on a boiler based steamer can save from $50-$300/year.

check Keep Time - Use the timer to ensure the steamer returns to idle after cooking.

check Maintenance - Fix leaks and repair as necessary. On boiler-based models, keep the boiler clean by removing deposits.

steamer cost analysis