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Broiler Testing
Who We Are
The Food Service Technology Center (FSTC) is an independent EPA-recognized fuel-neutral testing facility dedicated to providing unbiased, third-party data on a wide array of commercial foodservice equipment. With over two decades of experience, the Frontier Energy team (who manage the FSTC) is comprised of engineers and research technicians representing a diverse set of backgrounds and expertise within the foodservice world.
Convection Oven Testing
What We Do
FSTC research engineers and technicians actively develop, maintain, and apply American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) standard test methods on all types of commercial cooking equipment, from ovens and fryers to dishmachines and ventilation hoods, in order to evaluate and benchmark performance and energy efficiency. Through years of rigorous testing, the FSTC has produced an impressive catalog of appliance performance reports detailing metrics such as idle energy consumption rate, energy efficiency, and production capacity.
Pizza Testing
Why We Do It
The ultimate goal of appliance testing at the FSTC is to support manufacturers in highlighting the efficiencies of their products and to encourage foodservice operators, owners, and specifiers to make more informed purchasing decisions. Besides amassing a comprehensive database of energy efficiency information, a major driver of testing at the FSTC is the California Energy Wise rebate program, which offers rebate incentives to California utility customers on energy efficient commercial foodservice equipment. The FSTC is a ISO 17025 accredited laboratory qualified to test foodservice equipment for the nationwide ENERGY STAR® certification.