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Demand Controlled Kitchen Ventilation (DCKV)

TYPICAL VENTILATION CONTROLS consist of a manual on/off switch that operates the fans at either 100% speed or not at all. The system is still operating in the dark ages- you turn it on, you turn it off, and in between it operates at full speed!

DEMAND CONTROLLED KITCHEN VENTILATION uses a state-of-the-art, microprocessor-based system to automatically vary fan speed based on cooking load and/or time of day. The system provides only the amount of ventilation needed and can cut fan energy costs in half!

Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Demand-Controlled Kitchen Ventilation (DCKV) Energy Savings in Restaurants
This study provided an assessment of the EMS market to determine the market’s scope, the vendors that cater to the market, and the capabilities of the systems that are being offered. It also included a scaled field placement that demonstrated the efficacy of EMSs that were installed in conjunction with demandcontrolled kitchen ventilation DCKV system for foodservice operations.

Field Performance Project (Southern California Edison)
This project evaluated the field performance and energy savings following the installation of Melink Intelli-Hood® Controls systems in operations across different market sectors with varying hours of operation, appliance lineups and exhaust hood configurations.
2015-2016 Emerging Technology Award:
Energy Star logo The EPA is pleased to recognize DCKV with the ENERGY STAR® Emerging Technology Award for 2015–2016.
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